Enter the world of icons and your apps will never be the same again

This set of icons is set to change your world if you are a programmer. Use the many icons on offer at this portal to give your application that extra edge, get the right mix of the business logic and the user interface.

What’s more important with a website, the business logic or the user interface? Try as you might, you would not be able to think of an adequate answer to this, fact is, that both of them are equally important. Getting the right mix between your UI and the back-end of the app is very important for any application to work well, as numerous software’s with great functionality but ordinary UIs have found to their peril.

Sometimes people just fail to realize the importance of a good user interface, those who do just do not have the required skill to develop these. To make your quandary worse are the high charges that designers charge for these developments. A UI takes a lot meticulous work as you have to develop it image by image.

Do not despair as now we have the perfect solution to make your task easier, be it icons for a windows tool bar, aero people icons, medical icons or anything else that you can possibly think of, anything that you application needs in terms of images is right here for your use. These images are brought to you in as many as 5 different sizes (though this may depend from pack to pack), and various colors, from black and white for your windows phone 7 icons for developers to 32 bit colors for aero people’s icons pack, aero business icons and some others.

Each and every image that you get has been crafted by professionals with specific attention to detail. These are amazingly descriptive and very appealing to your eyes. The best part is that you would not need to go to any other place for your image needs once you’ve been here. Using the images wisely and organizing them on the UI appropriately can very easily get together a front-end that is worthy of the business logic you’ve written.

The icons provided here are sure to catch the user’s eye with their amazing representation and the humorous undertones. An image in the aero people’s pack shows a business competitor who has a bull’s eye on him. Not only will you find new images for all the usual functions in these packs, they’ve been made to satisfy every creative instinct of yours. You can get icons for aliens, superman and spies alongside usual ones of salesmen, doctors and dentist. It is a myriad of colors that is sure to give new life to the user interface without making it look the slightest bit gaudy.

So take a look at these right now, download a demo if you want to try out a few first or buy them right now and deploy them this minute. Give your app a makeover.

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