Small Arrow Icons – Available in Different Color!

You must have come across different types of computer icons when you browse through the computers. Most of the icons are coming in different styles, colors and formats. These day’s small arrow icons are huge in demand among several users. Now you can get these small arrow icons that match your computer styles, colors and gamma. If you want to get these icons then there are lots of websites in the internet that are offering wonderful service. Small arrow icons are designed specially to match sets and share common features such as color, styles and gamma. Now you save your money as well as time by getting small arrow icons in just $49.95. You can also get these icons in 78 unique images. Each image can be available in different size, color and file formats. The several file formats of these icons are ICO, GIF and PNG. These icons are also easy download and install.

Icons is the icon package, which has over seventy icons that you may use without any restriction Icons is the icon package, which has over 70 icons that you may use without any kind of the restriction.

Package has following:

  • printable PDF Catalog you will free download Icons.
  • 100 EPS bonus Design Elements images
  • 300 EPS images

    The Small Arrow Icons are made to work as the matching set as well as share the common features like gamma, style, as well as colors. The Small Arrow Icons also save time or money to be quite the bargain for just $49.95. Your order can give you more than 100 unique images. Every image also comes in various sizes, states, color resolutions as well as file formats. Every icon from collection comes in sizes of 32×32, 16×16, 24×24, as well as 48×48 Pixels, 16 to 256 colors and 32bit of True Color. Additionally, all icons come in 3 states: disabled, normal, as well as highlighted.

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