Principles of Art – Much Essential for Every Artists!

Here principle of art refers to the art form of visual art that based on specific rules and guidelines regarding this art form. It is also required to consider for everyone who related in the art work. These rules are also combining with the fundamental of this art form. These principles are based on various features of the art such as: balance, movement, harmony, unity, variety, pattern, and contrast that much essential to create something unique. With the help of above features, the artists can easily express their feeling through their art that simply understood by the viewers. In case of movement of the visual art the artist can show the real actions of their image. It is also an important principle of the visual art that guide the viewers about artwork. However, the harmony is referring as the body of the artwork that offers simple look of the artwork for viewers. So, all principles are much essential for the artist to follow. Unity is a quality of the wholeness, which is achieved through effective use of elements as well as principles of art. Arrangement of the principles and elements to make the feeling of completeness. Harmony is attained in the body of work just by making use of same elements throughout work, and harmony gives the uncomplicated look to artwork piece.

Color Theory or Color Harmony is as well considered the principle through application of a design element of the color. Variety or is a quality and state to have various types. Differences that give the design visual as well as conceptual interest: use of contrast, difference in the color and size. The balance is to arrange the elements so no part of the work overpowers, and appears heavier than other part.

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