Multiple-Image Network Graphics Used By Various Web-Browsers!

As we know, the Multiple-Image Network Graphics is the best option for animated images. Keep in mind that, it is closely related to PNG image format. The Multiple-Image Network Graphics has evolved for supporting the animation, and the first version 1.0 of MNG has been lunched on Jan 31, 2001.

The Multiple-Image Network Graphics plugins are used in various Web browsers. Also, the Mozilla and Netscape browsers have supported this Multiple-Image Network Graphics for image transmitting and downloading. In recent days, the Sony Ericsson has supported the MNG files and themes. Also, the Sphere game engine has supported the MNG formats for animations.

Some features of MNG:

  • MNG supports for transparent JPEG images.
  • MNG has combination of PNG and JPEG for quality and superb images.
  • One of the effective features of MNG has nested loops for multifaceted animations.
  • MNG has designed to keep copyright and text information, either uncompressed or compressed.MNG is at present, not very widely supported as the PNG. Nevertheless, Gwenview has the native MNG support as well as MNG plugins are accessible for most of the web browsers. Firefox browsers as well as Netscape 6.0, 6.01 &7.0 native support for the MNG until code was been removed in 2003 because of code size as well as little actual usage, and causing complaints on Mozilla development website. Thus, the MNGzilla project began to give patched Mozilla as well as Firefox browsers. By contrast, the Firefox supports the MNG rival APNG. Neither Explorer, Safari nor Opera, at present support the MNG natively. Current Sony Ericsson mobile phones support the MNG files in the themes. Sphere game engine also supports use of the MNG files for the animations. GIMP will export the images as the MNG files.
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