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Liquid Crystal Display – Offering Tons of Benefits!

The liquid crystal display is a flat and thin electronic visual display and it uses the light for modulating the properties of LC (Liquid Crystals). The LC doesn’t process the light in a straight line. This sort of technology has applied in a vast range of software or application like television, computers, signage, aircraft cockpit displays, and instrument panels. Also, it has considered as common software for using in gaming devices, watches, calculators, telephones and video players. Keep in mind that LCD is more lightweight, compact, portable, more reliable and less expensive.

These are available in vast range of screen shape and sizes, and from the time of invention the LCD doesn’t use the phosphors. Keep in mind that LCD has designed to conserve less energy and offer safer disposal than CRT. Also, you can use this sort of technology through battery. So, it’s time to take this sort of technology at home. LCDs are energy efficient as well as give you the safer disposal than the CRTs. The low electrical power allows that to get used in the battery powered equipment. It is the modulated optical device that is made from any number of the pixels that are filled with the liquid crystals or arrayed in the front of light source (backlight) and reflector to make the images in monochrome or color. Earliest discovery leading to development of the LCD technology, discovery of the liquid crystals. And by 2008, the worldwide sales of TV’s with the LCD screens had also surpassed sale of the CRT units. Every pixel of the LCD generally consists of the layer of the molecules that are aligned between 2 transparent electrodes, as well as 2 polarizing filters, axes of the transmission which are perpendicular to one another. In most of cases liquid crystal has got the double refraction.

Multiple-Image Network Graphics Used By Various Web-Browsers!

As we know, the Multiple-Image Network Graphics is the best option for animated images. Keep in mind that, it is closely related to PNG image format. The Multiple-Image Network Graphics has evolved for supporting the animation, and the first version 1.0 of MNG has been lunched on Jan 31, 2001.

The Multiple-Image Network Graphics plugins are used in various Web browsers. Also, the Mozilla and Netscape browsers have supported this Multiple-Image Network Graphics for image transmitting and downloading. In recent days, the Sony Ericsson has supported the MNG files and themes. Also, the Sphere game engine has supported the MNG formats for animations.

Some features of MNG:

  • MNG supports for transparent JPEG images.
  • MNG has combination of PNG and JPEG for quality and superb images.
  • One of the effective features of MNG has nested loops for multifaceted animations.
  • MNG has designed to keep copyright and text information, either uncompressed or compressed.MNG is at present, not very widely supported as the PNG. Nevertheless, Gwenview has the native MNG support as well as MNG plugins are accessible for most of the web browsers. Firefox browsers as well as Netscape 6.0, 6.01 &7.0 native support for the MNG until code was been removed in 2003 because of code size as well as little actual usage, and causing complaints on Mozilla development website. Thus, the MNGzilla project began to give patched Mozilla as well as Firefox browsers. By contrast, the Firefox supports the MNG rival APNG. Neither Explorer, Safari nor Opera, at present support the MNG natively. Current Sony Ericsson mobile phones support the MNG files in the themes. Sphere game engine also supports use of the MNG files for the animations. GIMP will export the images as the MNG files.
  • Soft Menu Icons – Available in Assortment Designs and Colors!

    It’s time to get more information about the soft menu icons from the icon designers. These icons are so beautiful and these are available in assortment colors and designs. Also, you can get these icons in different types of shape and sizes from the market. Even, these sorts of icons are available in packets. In a packet you can get over 600 excellent icons and over 9800 of these icons variations. Also, these icons have been designed by the designers in four picture formats like ICO, BMP, PNG, and GIF, and also these icons are available five icon sizes such as 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, and 48×48. These icons are having excellent quality and available in three image state variations such as disabled, hot, and normal. One of the best features of the soft menu icons is decorating the desktop screen beautifully. With the help of soft menu icons you will never require the graphic soft tool for icon creations.

    Do more with the soft menu icons collection! Icon Extractor stores the icon images that it discovers in the icon libraries, as well as keeps the icon source information for simple navigation as well as future reference. Accessing the collection has not been easy! Navigate, sort as well as arrange the icon images in collections, simply find the icon images for making use of in project, remove, add, as well as organize the soft menu icons images conveniently and easily. Icon Extractor also allows the splitting icon libraries in individual icon files, and making that possible to mail icon images and to make use of them on Web. With Icon Extractor, that becomes very simple to customize the standard Windows desktop as well as folder soft menu icons images like Recycle Bin, My Computer, Control Panel and Network Neighborhood. Get a lot more information and download the free evaluation soft menu icons developers as well as web designers must never underestimate an importance of the first impressions, and that includes overall look as well as feel of the projects.

    JPEG 2000 is a Coding System!

    JPEG 2000 is a coding system and image compression standard. It has been introduced by Joint Photographic experts Group in 2000. JPEG 2000 has been created for superseding the true and natural discrete cosine transform based. The normal filename extension is .jpg2 for IEC and ISO 15444-1. There are numbers of file formats extension have evolved for JPEG 2000. By using numbers of file extension names, you can store several types of images properly. Also, it is having numbers of features and advantages which are helping you use it in the best way. There are some features discussed below.

  • It allows the users for superior compression performance
  • Also, allows the users for making multiple resolution representation
  • One of the best features of JPEG 2000 is progressive transmission through pixel and resolution accuracy.
  • It is so flexible to file format and file naming.
  • Also, it is fully supporting the transparency and alpha planes.Whereas there is the modest increase in the compression performance of the JPEG 2000 when compared to the JPEG, main benefit that is offered by the JPEG 2000 is significant flexibility of codestream. Codestream got after the compression of image with the JPEG 2000 is very scalable in nature, it means that it is decoded in many ways; for example, by truncating a code stream at a point, one might get the representation of an image at the lower resolution, and signal to noise– see the scalable compression. So, by ordering codestream in different ways, the applications will attain the important performance increases. But, as the consequence of flexibility, the JPEG 2000 needs encoders or decoders, which are complex & computationally demanding. One more difference, when compared with JPEG, is in the terms of the visual artifacts: the JPEG 2000 makes ringing artifacts, and manifested as rings and blur near edges in image, whereas JPEG makes ringing artifacts as well as ‘blocking’ artifacts, because of 8*8 blocks.

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