ArtCursors – Superior Quality of Cursor Editor!

ArtCursors is superior quality of cursor editor for Windows through which the user can create, edit and find attractive cursor libraries for their desktop. With the help of the ArtCursors, you can make and edit or animated cursors in your desire designs or formats according to your requirement. The users can design or edit the curser in .gif images. You can find several options in the ArtCursors like the grayscale, drop shadow, smooth, rotate, and opacity through which you can create any sorts of change in your desire image. You can also bring in your desire cursers image in various files like .BMP, .JPG, XBM, .PNG, .WBMP, .ICO, .ANI, and .WMF. You can drag or drop any files from the file shells according to your requirement. ArtCursors is also the right option through which you can design the curser libraries for effective and better storage on your desktop for faster access.


ArtCursors has all the tools that you need to make or edit the Windows cursors or managing the cursor libraries. Program is very friendly for casual user who would like to tweak couple of the standard .CUR files, still powerful enough for professional designer who has to make complex Animated Cursors or manage the large cursor libraries.

With the ArtCursors you may:

  • Create or edit the static as well as animated cursors in the color depths around 16 million colors
  • Create or edit cursors for the WindowsXP in 32 bit depth with the 8 bit alpha channel
  • Create or edit animated and .gif images
  • Create or store images having many layers
  • Paint images with the gradient or Chess fill
  • Modify images with the drop shadow, negative, grayscale, opacity, smooth, rotate, roll, colorize, as well as mirror effects
  • Import cursors from.ico, .icpr, .cur, .ani, .bmp, .wmf, .emf,.gif, .wbmp, .jpg,.xbm, .xpm as well as .png files
  • The export cursor images to .bmp, .cur, .ico, .xpm, .icpr, .xbm, .jpg, .gif, .png,.wbmp and .rc files
  • Export the animated cursors for animated .gif images or image list bitmaps
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