Android developer PWNS App Pirates with an Epic Prank – Time to Consider about It!

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The Symantec blog post generally breaks down hacktivist malware in detail. That describes how the Android. Walkinwat makes use of routine named “LicenseCheck”–the function generally used by the legitimate Android app for the license management in the conjunction with the Licensing Verification Library that is developed to help to prevent the piracy. The Symantec spokesperson explained, “Though it is not a first case of the digital vigilante justice to be used as the means to send the message against piracy, and it is first of the kind discovered in mobile landscape.” Apps–cost virtually nothing and, I agree that sucks to spend one dollar and find the app sucks, however it is just one dollar. Somebody, somewhere invested effort and time and a few degree of ingenuity and skill to design app, and that somebody deserves to be paid.

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