Why Should You Use PNG Images in Your Website Creation?

The PNG image format was introduced some time ago; it was put forth in the market in 1995/96 to cover the drawbacks of the the common GIF file format. However, it did not catch on because the early browsers were not designed to support the advanced offerings of PNG so web designers and makers had to include it in their designs sparingly. One of the major blocks standing in the way was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which was the most well known and widely used browsers of the time; IE had little or no provision for PNG support which equated to the fact that the format could only be used in limited capacity. But, the scene went through a change after the availability of IE7; this new browser from Microsoft has helped in increasing the utility of PNGs. So here is why at three reasons why PNG is is often regarded as the most useful image formats to be introduced so far: You can get images that can be superimposed due to their transparency or alpha transparency: When you compare PNG with GIF, it will become apparent that a very distinct advantage with PNG is that you you will be restricted to saving a specific color in a transparent format through GIF this simply means that the color can be used whether opaque or transparent with nothing in between with the use of PNG, you get a specific feature over GIF; because the format can be used to produce semi transparency. This simply means that you can save a PNG image with a soft drop shadow and then fuse it with a background that suits your taste. Through this feature you will be able to use an image as a gradient background or water mark. The image file type gives you the option to use the smooth fading of colors from entirely opaque to transparent, and hence you will be able to view the webpage underneath

PNG Icons

They look spectacular: Not only do you get surprising flexibility when using PNG images but also; there are numerous other benefits to using this format. For instance, when you use a JPEG image, you lose a portion of the data on the original file each time you save the file, so in time, you will be able to view a distinct deterioration in the quality of the images. Even if, this concern has now been sorted in the image format and you will be able to store the images without compromising any details, GIF has a limited color palette of 256, which makes it quite useless if you are going to save a photograph. However, with PNG, you will get the best benefits of the image formats; you get a full color display similar to JPEG file type and it also offers managed color palette like GIF files. At the same time the compression of the picture is without loss so the picture does not change despite innumerable times of saving the file. Self Optimization is possible in PNG: A major concern that web programmers need to handle on a daily basis is the issue where the brightness and the contrast ratio of the screen has to be adjusted to see the images correctly; the issue comes into the picture due to the Gamma settings of different monitors. Gamma setting is a technique that helps to spread the luminance across the monitor display. However, diverse operating systems use distinct Gamma settings. Hence, an image that is color corrected for Windows will seem wrong when seen on Mac. Here again, in this case the flexible PNG format comes to the rescue, in PNG, you can save the files with an inherent Gamma correction feature so despite the differences in operating systems; the Gamma settings will be automatically adjusted to show an image with the perfect ratios of contrast as well as brightness.

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