Have you tried using stock images to add a dash of creativity to your articles?

If you create content or distribute them to several ezines as an SEO strategy, you may want to think about using stock photographs along with an impeccably penned article to ensure that your visitors enjoy reading your work and being on the page that displays your writing. Here is useful information on how you can get impressive stock images without breaking the bank.

There are several free sites that offer stock pictures that can be put to use with a mere accreditation; most of the images found on these sites are quite good and certainly usable. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides high quality images for a price that is negligible when compared to the product that you receive in return. Several of these establishments will let their users pick from a tiny group of free images which you can incorporate in your work risk free and then they also sell a variety of paid images which can be procured for a small amount; after you have decided on including these graphics with your articles.

When at these websites pick the niche of the graphics that you are interested in; it is recommended that you start with the complimentary graphics and then buy the graphics you are sure that there has been an increase in the viewership of your content after the use of pictures. Generally the best products are advertised on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you will be able to see only the free section.


Pick the graphics that suit your requirements or you could look for graphics by including specific keywords in your search which is a better option; once you click on the image, you should be able to check the availability of the images. Majority of the businesses will offer pictures which come with the regular restrictions although there are some establishments that impose an extra set of rules. It is advisable to go through these rules before you consider incorporating the pictures. On the other hand some websites may need you to procure a permission in black and white from the artist but for the majority of sites an accreditation that accepts the contribution of the artist is quite enough.

With all this done, simply store the images on your hard drive after downloading them and use the images with your writing when you post your material to an ezine. Ensure that you give credit to the photographer or artist in the photo credit section. The name of the artist can be checked by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

Then, there are other businesses where, you will need post a link to the site that has your article in the picture comment section. The best part of doing this is that you will be able to get a back link which is sure to help you in your search engine optimization efforts and attract more readers to your site. Although specific websites such as ezine.com are opposed to the idea of using images, other sites such as ehow.com are open to the idea. Regardless of where you use it, an image will add an extra boost of entertainment value your writing; so, the next time you write something impressive, you must give a thought to using a picture to increase its appeal.
Another option is to get images from a site that sells clip art like and anime graphics that also work well when used with articles. However, always use images that suit your niche.

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