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Grapheme is a Set of Letter Package

The grapheme has been derived from the Greek word gr?ph?, and it is a fundamental unit in a written language. Graphemes are included in Chinese characters, alphabetic letters, numerical digits, punctuation marks, and the individual symbols of any genre of the world’s writing systems. A grapheme is stay in contact to one phoneme, but it is too much above the exception. When two graphemes are used for an individual phoneme it is called as graphs and three graphemes are used for singles is also known as trigraphs.

On the contrary, the single or individual grapheme can be represented multiple phonemes. If you want know more about grapheme then you should search the English phonemes. When you get the English phonemes, you can easily understand the best requirements to use the grapheme as per your needs. A single grapheme can be treated as individual unit for the purposes of collation properly. Moreover, the particular grapheme will represent various phonemes on occasions. For example in English sound /f/ is represented by ‘f’, ‘F’, ‘FF’, ‘ff’, ‘Ph’, ‘PH’, ‘ph’, ‘GH’, ‘gh’, as well as in a few place names of the Welsh origin by the ‘Ff’; whereas grapheme ‘f’ will as well represent phoneme /v/ (like in word of). In the script like Japanese katakana grapheme corresponds to the syllable (and more technically mora).


In a few languages, group of more than a grapheme is treated as the single unit for purposes of the collation, example in the Hungarian dictionary, and words beginning in cs come other words starting c, whereas in the Welsh dictionary, and words starting may come after other words starting by l. Besides, single grapheme in the print might not correspond to a single grapheme in the handwriting, example in the old German handwriting combination ch is generally written very differently from the c + h: given it has the own sound value, and there is the strong argument to treat treating this as single distinct grapheme.

A Glance at Microsoft Expressions to Know its Productivity!

In this 21st century the demand of Microsoft Windows is still alive despite of the strong competition of several other operating systems. The users are still getting benefits from this operating system. According to Microsoft the products are intended to satisfy the needs of interface designers or Windows and web. Therefore, the Expression Graphic Designer is the first tool specially designed for designing interface graphics. The Microsoft is trying to fulfill the eternal dream of interface designers to create interfaces without the programmers’ involvement. The Expression Graphic Designer is the tool that deals with rasterization to improve the pixel preview. It has been also prized for a couple of time for its creation. The pixel preview you can see the result in any types of formats such as JPEG, GIF and PNG. You can see the pixel preview in any type of color resolutions and several eye catching file formats.


Final version of the Expression Design was been released to making all along with some other Expression products on April 30 2007. RTM news was then announced at the Microsoft’s MIX07 conference for the web designers and web developers. The Expression Design needs .NET Framework 3.0 since it makes use of Windows Presentation. The Expression Design is not accessible as the individual product, however rather as a part of Expression Studio suite. Expression Studio wasn’t included in MSDN subscription, however in 2007 Microsoft and added to highest level of MSDN Subscription. The Version 2 was been released at May2008 as a part of the Expression Studio. The Expression Design is accessible for the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, on Windows platform.

777icons – Offering Numbers of Icons Images!

Now days, everyone prefers to accomplish their complicated professional work through computer because it is the best solution for all sorts of professional works. There is no one can eliminate the use of computer in their life. Through this sort of technology anyone can enjoy their time successfully. If you want to use some attractive and sheer quality icons, then you need to move for the 777 icons. These sorts of icons have specially designed for menus and toolbars. These are very attractive and eye catching. Also, these sorts of icons are available individually and group of set. So, you need to decide the best option for you to download the 777icons on your computer. The 777 icons are big stock icons and here you can get required icons designs and sizes. If you want to desktop icons, website icons, menu icons, and toolbar icons, then you need to look for the 777 icons. Go to the 777icons as well as browse some collections of the icons and discover one, which matches to your style, as well as enhance the project with well designed graphics.


Icons are needed and icons have a power to represent the things. We may always know little dog eared document on any of the toolbar meaning ‘New’ button. We can always know floppy disk icon that is representing ‘Save’ also ‘Save As’. Every Internet computer user knows blue MS Explorer symbol. The icons are essential in the applications, on the PC desktops, on the websites, on the food packages, in the books, in the advert booklets, in the website banners, all over the place!

Imagine in case, you can have the read made design at hand – toolbar icons, theamed icons, Vista icons. That will mean you want to get what you would like to have, and get that in some minutes!

2D Computer Graphics Represents in Two Dimensional Images!

The 2D computer graphics have been evolved from the traditional drawing and printing technologies like cartography, advertising, typography, and technical drawing. Keep in mind that 2D computer graphics are representing by two-dimensional models. For your information the 2D computer graphics has been started in the year of 1950s, and it has been based on vector graphics devices. Over the decades, this sort of computer graphics is largely supplanted by raster-based devices.


The X Window system protocol and PostScript language have been the landmark improvement in this field. In most of the domains like engineering, desktop publishing, and business have fully based on 2D computer graphics technologies. It can be smaller than the equivalent digital picture. The presentation of 2D computer graphics is also more flexible from the time when it can be made at assortment resolution to outfit in various output devices. Due to these sorts of causes, the documents and files have often kept or broadcasted as 2D graphic files. The 2D graphics models might combine the geometric models (as well called the vector graphics), the digital images (or raster graphics), text being typeset (and defined by the content, size and font style, color, position or orientation), equations and mathematical functions, and lots more. All these components are been modified as well as manipulated by the 2dimensional geometric transformations like translation, scaling and rotation. In the object oriented graphics, image is been described indirectly by the object endowed with the self-rendering method—the procedure that assigns the colors to image pixels by the arbitrary algorithm. The complex models are built just by combining the easier objects, in paradigms of the object-and oriented programming. The convenient method to make the complex image is starting with the blank “canvas” the raster map (array of the pixels, known as the bitmap) filled with a few uniform color and “draw”, “paint” and “paste” easy patches of the color on it, in the appropriate order.

Industrial Design – Good Blend of Applied Science and Useful Arts

In case of Industrial Design is a good blend of applied science and useful arts. However, there are several products can require to increasing the products and marketability like the usability, ergonomics and aesthetics. The main requirements of industrial designer are to making and complete the proper solution towards the problems of marketing, physical ergonomics, usability, sales and brand development. The actual meaning of the industrial design is to frequently qualify to the designers. It is also the cause lay in the industrialization of the customer products. However, the purpose of this field is to examine both the form and function that create relationship between the user and products. On the other hand, the industrial designs are based on both the mechanical and technical process to designs something unique and special. Basically, the entire process of the Industrial designs has much based on the more skill and expertise in the designing field.


Objective of this particular area is studying both the function and form, the connection between the product and user – product since it happens in other architecture area, to be an only difference, here professionals who participate in this process are specialized in the small scale design, instead in some other massive colossal tools such as buildings and ships. Architects don’t design gears and motors, which make the machines move, or circuits, which control movement (task is generally attributed to the engineers), however they will affect the technical aspects by usability design as well as form relationships. Generally, they partner whole of some other professionals such as marketers, to identify or fulfill requirements, and expectations. Industrial Design is a professional service to make and develop the concepts and the specifications, which optimize this function, appearance and value of the products or systems for mutual advantage of manufacturer and user.

Icon Extractor Tool with How it Executes its Functions Effectively on your Windows Vista

Icon extractor is a simple tool that allows you to be able to scan and extract icons from any kind of location like the files and the internet. The icon extraction is for any kind of folder this is the local file, zip-archive, Mac OS file or a website. You can use an icon extractor in many ways when dealing with the icons, files and folders. It helps in downloading of the icons that you need to make use of from the internet to your desktops. You can also be able to change your icons in anyway or design of your desktop, start menu, drives and folders. However, the sib icon extractor can customize very many settings that are on your desktop to look exactly the way you want. On the other hand, you can be able to replace the main icons with the ones you like giving the desktop a more personalized look with style. The program helps you to locate all the commands and operations on your tool bar when you are in need of using then with ease. As an icon collector can extract the icon image very fast from any library that you select. The icon extractor gives you the best image resolutions and extracts even the archive images that you need at any given time.

Icon Extractor

Alternatively, you can use the tool to split the icon libraries that you have into individual icon files that you desire to have on your desktop. With this icon extractor, you can choose to view all the icons that you have already collected in many deferent modes. In addition, it also has the ability to export icons from one file format to another file. You can use the icon extractor to delete all the duplicate files that you do not use and create more s pace for the new icons that you want to add. It rebuilds and repairs all the necessary icon caches that are there in your file or folder.

Nevertheless, the extractor saves the windows vista icons and stores the found icons in a very special collection format with all the information required for the icon source. You can use the sib icon extractor to help you sort the icons that are inside your collections at any time. This icon extractor gives you an option of extracting icons from a specific file or from all the registered folders that you have. This gives you an option of getting the icons without distorting of the color. Downloading the icon extractor saves a lot of time thus making it easy and faster to make use of it all the time you want to. You can be able to get any type of icon using the extractor. The icons can be for medical needs, smile icons, and many others that you can work with. Finally, the icon extractor has a sib code that designs many icon sets and develops the software for the editing of the icons and designing of the tool bars.

Making Android Dialog Icons

Android developers must follow the strict design guidelines when making icons for their Android projects. Icon Design Guidelines for Dialog Icons specify image resolutions and provide guidelines for choosing the color palette and visual styling of icons used in pop-up dialogs and interactive prompts.

Android apps run on a variety of hardware platforms equipped with screens of different pixel densities. To accommodate the wide range of screens employed in the many devices running Android, the guidelines specify three different icon sizes for low-, mid- and high-resolution displays. These resolutions are specified as 24×24 pixels for low-resolution screens (ldpi), 32×32 pixels for medium-resolution displays (mdpi), and 48×48 pixels for high-resolution displays (hdpi).

When it goes to visual styling, Android dialog icons are flat, face-on images designed with the use of a light gradient and inner shadow. These features help dialog icons stand out against a dark background. No
isometric or 3D style is allowed in order to maintain a uniform look across Android-compatible applications created by multiple vendors.


Android Dialog Icons Design

1. Dialog icons have a 1 pixel safeframe
2. Inner shadow: black, 25% opacity, angle -90°,
distance 1px, size 0px
3. Front part: gradient overlay, angle 90°
bottom: r 223 ; g 223 ; b 223,
top: r 249 ; g 249 ; b 249,
bottom color location: 0%,
top color location: 75%

The Design Guidelines specify exact colors for icon’s overlay. The gradient overlay is rendered at 90 degrees. The gradient starts at the bottom as 233, 233, 233 (an R,G,B color), and goes up to 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B) at 75% to the top. The space from that point and up to the top of the overlay is filled with a solid color of 249, 249, 249 (R,G,B).

Android Dialog Icons

The inner shadow is rendered black at 25% opacity (controlled via the alpha-channel) at -90 degrees. The shift from the main picture is 1px, while the size of the shadow is 0px (which means that the shadow is exactly the size of the main shape itself).

Creating Android-style dialog icons is a fairly easy, step-by-step process. You can create your icons in a raster editor such as Adobe Photoshop by downloading the Icon Templates Pack for Android 2.3 from the Android Web site. However, a raster editor may not be the perfect way, as you will end up drawing each of the three icon sizes separately.

To save time drawing the three sizes (ldpi, mdpi and hdpi), a vector tool is recommended. You can create the main image of the icon in your favorite vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator and export the shape into Adobe Photoshop, rendering the vector source into the required reaolution (24×24, 32×32, or 48×48 pixels correspondingly). The rest is easy: add an overlay gradient in a separate layer, and specify the appropriate inner shadow in yet another layer. Save the image as a PSD file for future editing, and export it as a PNG file with transparency enabled to add your newly created icon into your Android app.

Don’t have time or skills to design the icons? a ready-made icon set instead. The extensive library of Android Dialog Icons by Aha-Soft offers 86 different icons designed in strict accordance with the Dialog Icons Design Guidelines. This royalty-free collection is supplied in the form of PNG files with alpha-channel, and offers PSD source images. Scalable AI and SVG vector sources are also available. You can view and order the collection at the company’s Web site.

Android Dialog Icons

Implementing Ready-Made Icons in Your Application

There are a few common questions usually asked by developers. Where should I use 32-bit icons with alpha-channel, and why pick them over traditional 8-bit icons? What development environments support translucent graphics, and what file formats should be used? Finally, which versions of stock icons to use for the various control elements? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

Stock icons for Windows

Picking 32-bit icons over their 8-bit versions seems logical. 32-bit icons feature an extra layer defining a semi-transparency mask. The layer is called alpha channel. Thanks to the alpha channel, icons with 32-bit color depth can blend nicely with any background, featuring smooth edges and looking great even if your background has a bright color, gradient, or has an image or pattern. In addition, the alpha channel makes shadows and reflections appear semi-transparent, making them look natural and overall rendering extremely realistic. So, 32-bit icons are just the right type to use. The real question is whether you will be able to use them in your project. In reality, 32-bit icons can be used in a handful of situations – and cannot be used in others. If you’re making a Web site, then chances are that your user base already has a compatible browser installed that can display 32-bit graphics with full alpha-channel support. Exceptions are far and between, and include Internet Explorer 6 and earlier versions, really old builds of Mozilla, and a few resource-limited mobile browsers (although most mobile platforms can perfectly render 32-bit icons). For Web use, you would use 32-bit icons in PNG format. If maintaining support for legacy browsers is essential, you can fall back to 24-bit PNG icons, converting the original 32-bit images with an icon editing tool such as IconLover. 8-bit GIF files can be used for producing light Web sites to be displayed on the slowest mobile browsers. Note that GIF files don’t have a full alpha-channel support; instead, they feature a single-bit transparency mask. Again, you can render your 8-bit icons from 32-bit originals with IconLover, or use the GIF versions of icons supplied with your stock icon collection. The GIF icons provided with your set will look fine on any background, but you can produce your own versions if you have a busy or colourful background and want your images blend with it smoothly. Windows programs can typically only use one particular kind of file depending on which control you’re going to use it for. For example, ICO files are normally used as application icons. ICO files include the same image (or, sometimes, different images) in various sizes and color depths within a single file. The system will automatically choose the proper size and color depth depending on the user’s screen settings and the location of the icon. It’s best to include all standard sizes and color resolutions in a single ICO file. Our stock icons already include all standard resolutions and color versions stored in the ICO format; if you want to build your own ICO, you can use IconLover. There are dozens of other things we’d love to tell you about integrating your newly purchased stock icons. You can read a full version of this article covering the many Windows controls and development environments such as Java, C#, .NET and Visual Studio, at You can always get the right icons for your projects or Web sites at

Why Should You Use PNG Images in Your Website Creation?

The PNG image format was introduced some time ago; it was put forth in the market in 1995/96 to cover the drawbacks of the the common GIF file format. However, it did not catch on because the early browsers were not designed to support the advanced offerings of PNG so web designers and makers had to include it in their designs sparingly. One of the major blocks standing in the way was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which was the most well known and widely used browsers of the time; IE had little or no provision for PNG support which equated to the fact that the format could only be used in limited capacity. But, the scene went through a change after the availability of IE7; this new browser from Microsoft has helped in increasing the utility of PNGs. So here is why at three reasons why PNG is is often regarded as the most useful image formats to be introduced so far: You can get images that can be superimposed due to their transparency or alpha transparency: When you compare PNG with GIF, it will become apparent that a very distinct advantage with PNG is that you you will be restricted to saving a specific color in a transparent format through GIF this simply means that the color can be used whether opaque or transparent with nothing in between with the use of PNG, you get a specific feature over GIF; because the format can be used to produce semi transparency. This simply means that you can save a PNG image with a soft drop shadow and then fuse it with a background that suits your taste. Through this feature you will be able to use an image as a gradient background or water mark. The image file type gives you the option to use the smooth fading of colors from entirely opaque to transparent, and hence you will be able to view the webpage underneath

PNG Icons

They look spectacular: Not only do you get surprising flexibility when using PNG images but also; there are numerous other benefits to using this format. For instance, when you use a JPEG image, you lose a portion of the data on the original file each time you save the file, so in time, you will be able to view a distinct deterioration in the quality of the images. Even if, this concern has now been sorted in the image format and you will be able to store the images without compromising any details, GIF has a limited color palette of 256, which makes it quite useless if you are going to save a photograph. However, with PNG, you will get the best benefits of the image formats; you get a full color display similar to JPEG file type and it also offers managed color palette like GIF files. At the same time the compression of the picture is without loss so the picture does not change despite innumerable times of saving the file. Self Optimization is possible in PNG: A major concern that web programmers need to handle on a daily basis is the issue where the brightness and the contrast ratio of the screen has to be adjusted to see the images correctly; the issue comes into the picture due to the Gamma settings of different monitors. Gamma setting is a technique that helps to spread the luminance across the monitor display. However, diverse operating systems use distinct Gamma settings. Hence, an image that is color corrected for Windows will seem wrong when seen on Mac. Here again, in this case the flexible PNG format comes to the rescue, in PNG, you can save the files with an inherent Gamma correction feature so despite the differences in operating systems; the Gamma settings will be automatically adjusted to show an image with the perfect ratios of contrast as well as brightness.

Have you tried using stock images to add a dash of creativity to your articles?

If you create content or distribute them to several ezines as an SEO strategy, you may want to think about using stock photographs along with an impeccably penned article to ensure that your visitors enjoy reading your work and being on the page that displays your writing. Here is useful information on how you can get impressive stock images without breaking the bank.

There are several free sites that offer stock pictures that can be put to use with a mere accreditation; most of the images found on these sites are quite good and certainly usable. However, if this is not a suitable option, you can always head over to a paid site which provides high quality images for a price that is negligible when compared to the product that you receive in return. Several of these establishments will let their users pick from a tiny group of free images which you can incorporate in your work risk free and then they also sell a variety of paid images which can be procured for a small amount; after you have decided on including these graphics with your articles.

When at these websites pick the niche of the graphics that you are interested in; it is recommended that you start with the complimentary graphics and then buy the graphics you are sure that there has been an increase in the viewership of your content after the use of pictures. Generally the best products are advertised on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you will be able to see only the free section.


Pick the graphics that suit your requirements or you could look for graphics by including specific keywords in your search which is a better option; once you click on the image, you should be able to check the availability of the images. Majority of the businesses will offer pictures which come with the regular restrictions although there are some establishments that impose an extra set of rules. It is advisable to go through these rules before you consider incorporating the pictures. On the other hand some websites may need you to procure a permission in black and white from the artist but for the majority of sites an accreditation that accepts the contribution of the artist is quite enough.

With all this done, simply store the images on your hard drive after downloading them and use the images with your writing when you post your material to an ezine. Ensure that you give credit to the photographer or artist in the photo credit section. The name of the artist can be checked by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

Then, there are other businesses where, you will need post a link to the site that has your article in the picture comment section. The best part of doing this is that you will be able to get a back link which is sure to help you in your search engine optimization efforts and attract more readers to your site. Although specific websites such as are opposed to the idea of using images, other sites such as are open to the idea. Regardless of where you use it, an image will add an extra boost of entertainment value your writing; so, the next time you write something impressive, you must give a thought to using a picture to increase its appeal.
Another option is to get images from a site that sells clip art like and anime graphics that also work well when used with articles. However, always use images that suit your niche.